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Hooligan Escape The Russian Job (2018) HD
Hooligan Escape The Russian Job (2018)
Year, country:
Nicholas Winter
Ali Bastian, Guy Faulkner, Charlie Wernham
1h 20min
The groups of loyal fans, everywhere accompany their favorite clubs, have long been badly aggressive behavior have become famous for rivals, turning regular sports matches into mass battles, often end in tragic cases. If a loved team starts to play the game, such hooligan fans have a certain psychological failure, they completely cease to control emotions and carry on in the future, rash actions, completely inadequately reacting to the processes taking place around. The consequences of the damage caused to the owners of the stadiums, about the inconvenience of others, arranged large-scale, bloody fights, which sometimes suffer casual spectators who came just to relax, watching sports competitions. You can watch online Escape the hooligans. Russian affair is the movie Hooligan Escape The Russian Job (2018) in good quality free of charge without registration. Five fans of one of the football games entered into conflict disassembly with Russian citizens, ended in a brutal fight. The riots arranged ended the English fans into a prison cell conclusion. The next morning, waking up, the guys were surprised to find indoors. At night, unknown attackers drowned them and, in an incredible way, were taken out of prison, placing them on an abandoned warehouse for a certain purpose. Fans of football gradually realize that they were in a very difficult position, having fallen into the hands of insidious people who have serious claims to them, who intend to cruelly deal with the prisoners. The guys are not going to be released to live, there is a need for ways to commit escape from a gloomy...