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A Demon Within (2017)
Year, country:
Ayush Banker, Justin LaReau
Charlene Amoia, Clint Hummel, Patricia Ashley
1h 31min
Tony spent all his life in a provincial town, where extraordinary events and unforeseen situations do not happen. There were ordinary accidents, in the course of which he was always due to his chosen professional activities. The guy, continuing family traditions, having graduated from school, learned from a pathologist, like his own father. He had the appropriate character, was reserved, cold-blooded, did not fear to be in the presence of lifeless bodies, studying their insides. the troubled, strange-looking sheriff brought terrible news. For people who have experienced major emotional cataclysms, the only desire is to spend time in a relaxed company, surrounded by close ones and friends, where there will be no noise, chaos and pacification will be in the vicinity. In the film "The Demon inside," there will be a speech about the mother and daughter, before whom a series of troubles formed, as they kept their way towards a small provincial town. Both heroines survived a series of trials and now dream of peace. They think that megacities, a priori, can not give and guarantee warmth and comfort. As a new home they chose a small estate, in a place full of harmony and atmospheric.In one of the houses were found several severely murdered people, completely unrelated to each other, nowhere intersecting during life. The police could not put forward any possible versions of what had happened. Tony promises to make every effort to clarify the situation as quickly as possible. He begins with a study of a corpse belonging to a young person. Here, each street gave a sense of security and global peace. But this aura did not last long. At some point people were subjected to painful tests. An unknown mystic force showed its own fangs. Only the local doctor can save the heroines, but he is afraid of returning to medical practice because of the once experienced dramas. While a desperate man struggles with his own moral fears and critical complexes, the life of the mother and child hangs on the thinnest hair. The plot of the story is based on real events. When an external examination of the body no external damage is detected, the pathologist proceeds to a more thorough analysis. The pupils of the dead were turbid, indicating death many days ago. Then it turns out that all limbs are broken in certain places, and the language of the victim is cut out, some details were different. The investigation will lead to frightening results.