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Wraith (2017) Hd
Wraith (2017)
Year, country:
Michael O. Sajbel
Jackson Hurst, Ali Hillis, Lance Henriksen
1h 40min
Until recently, Dennis and Kathy were an ordinary, happy, average family, in which the only raised daughter is a teenager. They lived in their own house, leading a habitual, measured existence that had developed over the years of cohabitation. However, with some established in the everyday life the balance was disturbed by a series of troubles, which literally pursue once happy, satisfied with the existing achievements of the household. Parents almost simultaneously lose their jobs, losing the opportunity to maintain their previous standard of living, pay the accumulating accounts. It is necessary to take decisive actions to ease the difficult situation somehow, we have to take certain, cardinal measures that allow us to smooth out the situation somewhat, not to finally fall into poverty. A married couple is forced to sell their home and to permanently move to another city by buying cheaper housing. Lucy is more painfully borne by difficult changes from adults, unlike family members. She openly against emerging protesting drastic changes, not agreeing with the decision to move to a new place, by all means showing their discontent arising circumstances, trying to dissuade parents from the sale of the house. Between relatives there are tough differences, leading to serious conflicts, heating up the home atmosphere to unbearable. Soon, terrible and mysterious things begin to happen around us, horror that leads to the inhabitants of this dwelling. Monstrous incidents force to throw aside the existing misunderstanding and tackle more dangerous issues.