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Favorites The Ballerina (2017)

The Ballerina (2017)
Year, country:
Steve Pullen
Isabella Pullen, Steve Pullen, Peggy Pullen
1h 46min
A little girl is engaged in ballet school and dreams of becoming a famous ballerina in the future. Once, having gone to another concert in a car with his father, they decide to visit the hunting lodge nearby and check the traps. With this ordinary act, their further troubles begin and the transformation of the later life into a nightmare that does not pass. The child has to say goodbye to childhood dreams and get used to new conditions and an uncomfortable, frightening atmosphere. Everything collapsed suddenly and forever, the world around became gloomy and unfriendly. A man has to endure an unthinkable, terrible tragedy that overtook his family suddenly, depriving them of their habitual life, their beloved wife and son forever. They stayed with their daughter together in monstrous conditions, where the main goal is to stay alive. Now he is forced to move to remote places in Virginia, where he intends to hide from recent, terrible events in swampy, impenetrable forests with a nine-year-old, only daughter. For objective reasons, they try to avoid interaction with the outside world, hiding in uninhabited, wild, inaccessible places where the human foot has never set foot to save their own lives. They live in a forest thicket in a self-constructed hut, struggling to survive in harsh conditions. To get food, sometimes make raids on the nearest farm, stealthily stealing chicken eggs. Sometimes, a girl arranges dance performances for her dad to make her happy. A terrible grief and a sense of desperation are harassing relatives at their heels. One day they will be forced to meet again closely with the tragic past in order to start all over again and build a prosperous future.
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