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Half Magic (2018) HD
Half Magic (2018)
Year, country:
Heather Graham
Heather Graham, Angela Kinsey, Stephanie Beatriz
1h 34min
Many women do not want to put up with their unequal position in inter-sex, rather complicated and uneasy relationships. For some ladies, a serious problem is the innate desire of men to unquestioningly dominate sexual relations, constantly showing physical and psychoemotional superiority, striving for a peculiar primacy in this matter. The actual state of affairs is somewhat different than it seems to the self-confident guys. Not each of them is able to surprise in a certain sense his partner, to deliver bright emotional feelings and satisfy desires. They were some kind of involuntary victims, the female half takes the circumstances under its own control and starts an unusual, unpretentious game. Women are very determined, they intend to achieve their goals by any means,they unite into a united and united team capable of making cardinal changes to the atmosphere that has become depressing for them, to understating self-esteem leading to a loss of confidence in their own confidence. After carrying out some effective jointly organized actions, like-minded people manage to find inner calmness, fullness of sensations, love themselves and accept with all the shortcomings flaws that previously provoked the appearance of all kinds of complexes and uncertainties. They have learned to objectively assess past incidents of unpleasant incidents related to sexuality and dissatisfaction. After the passed tests, three female rebels become inseparable friends, who are associated with unusual incidents.
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