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Modern Life Is Rubbish (2017) HD
Modern Life Is Rubbish (2017)
Year, country:
Daniel Jerome Gill (as Daniel Gill), Daniel Jerome Gill
Ian Hart, Daisy Bevan, Jessie Cave
1h 45min
The couple have built long-term, lasting relationships not only on the basis of mutual attraction, sympathy and mutual understanding, since the youthful years, Natalie and Liam have had a deep interest in music. Pure, sincere and indestructible love lasts a whole decade, providing many pleasant moments and a successful joint existence, giving hope for a long continuation of a happy, long-established life. For a long time, while doing their favorite hobby, they managed to collect by joint efforts an extensive library of various musical works that arouse keen interest among loyal music lovers. The large, musical collection belonged to both representatives of this multi-year union, which seems to be indestructible up to a certain point, not subject to any unpleasant, external influences. Once between lovers there is an unexpectedly conflicting situation, outgrown in a loud quarrel, ended in a mutual desire to temporarily interrupt a close relationship. Everything became so complicated that the pair had to disperse. Now the fate of the common library becomes completely unclear, we have to make the only decision - to divide the available collection of music for two to enjoy your favorite music from now on separately. However, there is a special song belonging to both, which is a kind of symbol of the once-luminous love story. It will cause the quarreled people to return to the unforgettable past and relive the romantic adventures and bright moments, gradually bringing them together again, not allowing to destroy forever greater love.