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Revenge (2017)
Year, country:
Coralie Fargeat
Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Kevin Janssens, Vincent Colombe
1h 48min
Beautiful and young Jennifer lives in America, enjoying a free, happy life. The girl has a love relationship with a married man from France, with whom they periodically arrange secret, romantic meetings. Rare visits always brought incredible, mutual pleasure, were passionate and unforgettable, leaving a lot of positive impressions for a long time. However, for some time now the young lady began to notice the appearance of some coldness from the part of the once untiring lover and the gradual loss of interest. This situation alerted the partner who does not want to change the habitual rhythm of life and lose contact with her beloved. She decides to take any effective action, allowing you to refresh the beginners gradually cool down feelings. Watch free movie action, thriller Revenge (2017) online. Jennifer offers a lover to go for a weekend in a country house, located in a secluded, picturesque place, where you can stay alone with nature and reflect on the difficult situation that has appeared in their relationship. Suddenly, at dusk, a company of friends of a married man came into the house, not expecting to find anyone here. As the guests were not expected here, and the friends were surprised by the presence of an extraneous girl here, but immediately appreciated the situation by revealing the secret. An intelligent beauty decides to take advantage of a strange combination of circumstances to awaken jealousy from a loved one, which contribute to the revival of the former passion. She assumes to behave extremely uninhibited, openly flirting with the guys, giving unambiguous hints, creating a very dangerous atmosphere.