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Favorites Troy the Odyssey (2017)

Troy the Odyssey (2017)
Year, country:
Tekin Girgin
Dylan Vox, Lara Heller, Hachem Hicham
1h 30min
In the ancient, immortal poems of the unsurpassed Homer, numerous journeys to the distant, unexplored lands of the legendary Odyssey are undoubtedly accompanied by incredible, historical adventures. A courageous, invincible, brave warrior has unlimited boldness and courage, not having worthy competitors, confirming his superiority over strong opponents in numerous, victorious battles. About brave fighter grateful compatriots make legends, singing out his strength, ingenuity, resourcefulness and devotion to his own people. Thanks to these qualities, the tribesmen elect him king, trusting the rule of Ithaca. A young, fearless ruler always personally participates in the battles, leading a huge army, speaking in the forefront, betraying the soldiers confidence in victory. Courage and honesty of Odysseus cause subordinates unquestioning respect and infinite devotion. Over time, the state entrusted to the new tsar becomes powerful, taking firm positions among the rest of the countries, exerting a significant influence on the development of international relations and the construction of the subsequent peace. The chroniclers describe the glorious feats of their beloved hero, trying to preserve for the descendants the name of a true patriot. Once he receives information about the impending danger and is forced to set out on a dangerous, long journey to save the Greeks from great troubles. We must immediately organize a detachment of loyal comrades-in-arms and leave their native places. In Ithaca remains a beautiful wife who is pregnant with the firstborn. Spouses expect the birth of a long-awaited son, but the future father is forced to part with his relatives.
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