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Freak Show (2017) HD
Freak Show (2017)
Year, country:
Trudie Styler
AnnaSophia Robb, Abigail Breslin, Alex Lawther
1h 35min
If a person from the vast majority is radically different, standing out from the crowd, he falls into the number of leaders or outcasts. Brightly manifested individualism causes admiration or irritation of ordinary citizens. Billy Bloom becomes a student of an elite school. A special school selects students only using high-level connections, or by paying a lot of money. The newcomer was here for unknown reasons, delivering big problems to the leadership from the very beginning. He dresses like a girl, applying makeup, unfairly treats attending classes, rude to teachers, behaves in an inappropriate way. Calling, unseemly behavior is irritating and extremely disturbing to parents and all school personnel. Classmates hostile to the upstart are concerned, put willing to the place. The peers begin to pursue Billy, declaring him an unofficial war, turning him into a victim of numerous jeers and humiliating rallies. Teenagers are very cruel, having started a mass persecution of a new classmate, they can not stop already, becoming more fierce and heartless. Adults complete indifference show to what is happening, indifferently watching from the side, what aggravate the impartial situation stronger every day. The psychological pressure on young Bloom surpasses the permitted limits. The peers hope to break the irreconcilable rebel, bringing his appearance and manners to the generally accepted norms. Contrary to the ongoing harassment, the stubborn teenager adheres to an outrageous, free style. Like mocking his cruel abusers, he takes part in a contest for girls.
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