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Favorites Bad Grandmas (2017)

Bad Grandmas (2017) HD
Bad Grandmas (2017)
Year, country:
Srikant Chellappa
Pam Grier, Judge Reinhold, Florence Henderson
1h 32min
Four inoffensive grandmothers-girlfriends fall into a very unpleasant situation, committing an unintentionally serious unlawful violation, which presupposes a severe, deserved punishment. Once an elderly friend absolutely accidentally kills a rogue trying to get them uncomfortable. Until the partner of the killed attacker came to the scene of the crime. Enterprising, extremely smart for old age old women quite quickly and effectively eliminate all visible signs of a perfect murder. They carefully hide the smallest evidence of an incident, a horrific incident, try to behave naturally, so as not to cause unwanted attention and suspicion from outsiders. Undesirable consequences arise after a short time. Soon a dangerous person appears on the horizon, who came to demand a considerable sum of money from the deceased now swindler, who once borrowed money. The bandit is not going to forgive the huge debt, so he intends to find the debtor. Literally on the heels of an experienced investigator, engaged in the search for the missing inexplicable rogue. A persistent, purposeful officer will not stop without reaching a positive conclusion of the investigation.
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