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Slam: Tutto per una ragazza (2016)
Year, country:
Andrea Molaioli
Ludovico Tersigni, Barbara Ramella, Jasmine Trinca
1h 40min
Samuel is sixteen years old, he loves skateboarding and is going to make skating on the board a profession, like his idol Tony Hawke, the famous American extreme sportsman. At the age of 16, our lives are fundamentally changing, all those beliefs and rules that we have been following for many years fly into the ditch, because under the power of hormonesFor days on end, Sam drives a skateboard and is full of enthusiasm to conquer. The young man wants to break the vicious circle, where his ancestors from great-grandfathers to mothers became parents at 16. Before him is an incredible future and  it is this fact that drives humanity. At such moments, you understand that the birth of a child will greatly complicate matters and in general can deprive all those charms that make youth seem magnificent. In extreme sports gave a crack and launched an ardent young Italian on the eternal family path. Unfortunately, we are born without attitudes, what is right and what is not. There are times when a person, looking at his parents' example, can very much make a difference and draw certain conclusions for himself, because educating a child, you can find out if you watch an online movie posted on our portal... Once a friend Alisha comes to her boyfriend and confesses that she has become pregnant...
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