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Ghoul (2015) HD
Ghoul (2015)
Year, country:
Petr Jákl
Jennifer Armour, Dmytro Bazayev, Inna Belikova
1h 26min
"Ghoul" is a Chinese action movie. This horror film is based on a number of adventure stories. In the center of the plot - "black" diggers of tombs. Three friends for a long time traded in this case. Then, to cover the tracks, they left for America. Emigrants settled in the city of New York. Two Chinese have brides, and the money matters for all three is nowhere worse. So their coming life went in search of cash in order to survive in an unfamiliar country. One large company is interested in such dealers. Chinese migrants are offered a profitable job. It is necessary to find and unearth a burial place of a certain Mongolian rich lady. For such a job will pay large banknotes. One circumstance slows down the visitors a little. One of the main characters of the movie "Ghoul" rides first, his friends follow him. Arriving home, Chinese scammers realized that they will have to search for a strong artifact. There is no tomb of the Mongol princess. Wanted thing, in fact, has a strange and interesting name: "Flower of the Equal Day." Further in the movie "Ghoul", the events are gaining momentum. This thriller in the genre of horror in the interlacing of the story line inserts and curse. Friends for their deeds were punished from above. The film "Ghoul" is permeated with all sorts of supernatural scenes. The spectator to the end of the film will be in suspense and empathize with the villains involuntarily. In the process of unfolding the plot of the movie "Ghoul", the trio will fall into all sorts of troubles and adventures... Watch free movie horror, thriller, 2015 Ghoul (2015) online in FreeMovies4k.org.