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Favorites Family Blood (2018)

Family Blood (2018) HD
Family Blood (2018)
Year, country:
Sonny Mallhi
Vinessa Shaw, James Ransone, Colin Ford
1h 32min
Ellie has a serious drug addiction, threatening family well-being and subsequent life in general. The situation becomes catastrophic, and the woman realizes that more can not continue like this. She makes a firm decision from a deadly habit to get rid of habits and for help to relevant addresses specialists. After some time, recovering little by little the drug addict, which constantly reminds of an unpleasant past, persistently pursuing it and as if drawing back into the narcotic, impenetrable abyss of senseless stupidity, gradually killing a person and the desire to change. Determined to improve the future, Ellie, where she intends to settle for permanent residence. She starts with a clean plan of a leaf to write a new story of her happy life. A woman looks for a suitable job to provide for a family and continues to be observed by a doctor, helping to avoid relapse. New friends and professional employment could not fill the void, after the refusal formed from drugs, stupefying the mind, creating a state of unique euphoria and detachment from earthly problems. Christopher dramatically changes the outlook of a drug addict who has broken down, because the man has a completely different dependence.
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