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Lean on Pete (2017)
Year, country:
Andrew Haigh
Travis Fimmel, Steve Zahn, Steve Buscemi
2h 1min
Charlie Thompson was born in a poor. Parents in any way tried to stay afloat, they saved, cutting costs as much as possible, denying themselves the necessary things. For many years, father was engaged in heavy physical labor, trying to provide for the family. He tried to look like his peers, better off financially. His behavior among classmates was sometimes a little aggressive and provocative, which led to conflict situations, condemned by adult family members. A tough, stubborn teenager did not want to listen to an explanation about the inaccessibility of buying expensive, fashionable household items. The head of the poor family worked as a simple loader in the port warehouse. Completely exhausted by grueling labor, which does not bring the desired income, a man once decides for the cardinal changes that may lead to an improvement in the general situation. The family moves to a permanent place of residence in another city, hoping to get here encouraging prospects. But the situation remained problematic and unsolvable. The cause of the decadent mood among the population and the shortage of jobs was the economic crisis that swept the planet, which did not exclude the UK...