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Incoming (2018) HD
Incoming (2018)
Year, country:
Eric Zaragoza
Scott Adkins, Dominic Power, Aaron McCusker
1h 30min
In the not too distant future, people began to actively explore space expanses. Various stations were launched into orbit. Once on one of these facilities was created a unique prison. It was a secret institution. Nobody knew what was happening inside the huge chambers. Access to materials was strictly limited. Prisoners could not stand all the bullying, they were ready to attack the employees at any moment. However, they will not be able to do this. Scoundrels are going to attack the Russian capital. If criminals commit their atrocity, thousands of people will die. It was impossible to allow such a development of events. Suddenly, an experienced pilot and a young doctor enter the game. He repeatedly entered into an unequal battle with the villains. But now he has his plans for this orbital prison. How will this bitter confrontation end? Are the main characters capable of liquidating ill-wishers? Not only ordinary citizens, but also astronauts themselves do not guess about those secrets that are hidden under that, or other, space project. Space stations was officially considered a research base with peaceful purposes.Military founded a super modern prison, where they delivered particularly dangerous prisoners, which are a threat to the inhabitants of the Earth. The Serbian film action, thriller Incoming (2018) with Scott Adkins in the title role you can watch after the premiere. The secret prison for a long time remained invisible to all, because from here no one left alive, and the leakage of information was avoided. Once the prisoners were captured, the terrorists managed to seize the station, having committed an armed uprising. Having seized control of the station, the militants decided to use it, and asked Moscow coordinates, intending to inflict a fatal blow...