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And Then I Go (2017) HD
And Then I Go (2017)
Year, country:
Vincent Grashaw
Arman Darbo, Sawyer Barth, Melanie Lynskey
1h 39min
Edwin and Flute are high school students, in one school going to school, among those who are rogue, subject to constant bullying, insulting banter from the more active classmates. Boys have long been accustomed to such a cruel, inhuman treatment of peers, did not imagine a different existence. For a long time they endured undeserved patient insults, brutal attacks and mocking statements addressed to them, perceiving them as an integral part of gray, bleak and monotonous everyday life. It was necessary to simply bite the teeth and wait for the end of school education, when new opportunities will open. However, the patience of any person, even the most restrained and persistent, has definite limits and certainly the moment comes when some invisible facet passes, provoking an explosion. Once the problems in relationships, accumulated with peers, troubles, on this occasion in the educational institution emerging, lead to numerous conflict situations with the household. Unfavorable circumstances, waiting for teenage boys literally everywhere, begin to exert an extremely strong pressure on the uneasy psyche, which can not withstand even an adult who has been a man. There comes a critical moment when there is an uncontrollable desire to immediately get rid of the heavy load, freed from the intolerable difficulties that persist every day. Patience exhausted by the persistent persecution of schoolchildren comes to a limit, they clearly realize that it is no longer easy to demolish the mocking attacks of classmates. Watch free movie drama And Then I Go (2017) online in FreeMovies4k.org.