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Favorites Boots on the Ground (2017)

Boots on the Ground (2017)
Year, country:
Louis Melville
Ian Virgo, Tom Ainsley, Ryan McParland
1h 26min
In 2014, military operations unleashed on the territory of Afghanistan, approached gradually to the final stage. The Allies eagerly awaited the sending of servicemen to their home countries to the families awaiting them with impatience. The detachment of the British infantrymen had to endure one night of the final battle, in order to leave the next day hostile lands, which brought a lot of suffering and death to faithful companions. In a hot skirmish with the enemy, five of his colleagues manage to survive. The guys are trying to find a reliable shelter in the nearby forest, venturing more and more into the impenetrable jungle to break away from the pursuers. Soon they will find themselves in a deaf, gloomy place, where strange, frightening things occur, capable of damaging the mind to the most persistent and balanced people, able to withstand severe trials. Suddenly, before the eyes of five soldiers appeared a strange picture. They clearly saw compatriots who took part in the first British-Afghan armed conflict. The vision was very clear, but short, so the impression was created that the scene before the eyes was just imagined with fatigue. But five people at the same time can not have a completely identical delusional vision. An unusual night continued to bring unpleasant surprises, turning real reality into a horrifying nightmare. It becomes clear that the wilderness, where accidentally turned out comrades has magical properties. Here reality exists in another time dimension, which has its own, inexplicable rules. The goal of friends is to save their lives before dawn.
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