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Public Schooled (2017)
Year, country:
Kyle Rideout
Judy Greer, Daniel Doheny, Siobhan Williams
1h 26min
The adolescent boy's mother is of the opinion that an educational program that is practiced at a local school will not be able to provide her descendant with the appropriate level of knowledge required for admission to college. She is convinced that graduates of secondary schools are virtually uneducated, illiterate people, opportunities do not have to build a decent future, so they prefer to independently teach a child to diverse sciences. The boys are visited by teachers for a few years at home, giving additional classes. A loving mother believes the boy is a unique, talented child, with whom to communicate with ordinary students, not worthy of his attention and spending time on senseless communication. The boy is forced to be educated in absolute isolation from the outside world, without interacting with peers. You can watch online Adventures in a comprehensive school 2017 movie in good quality free of charge without registration. Such isolation leads to the lack of friends and the acquisition of skills for establishing relationships with peers. An overly caring mother, continuously controls any actions of the boy, not allowing them to make their own decisions. Once, the boy encounters a handicapped girl who has no one leg and falls in love with a cute stranger who attends a regular school. Loving teenager want to more often meet the subject of his sympathy, so he shows a desire to also go to the local educational institution. A similar decision of a minor son is extremely outraged by a harsh mum who intends in any way to prevent unwanted acts of a naughty, frivolous offspring, does not heed the mother's authoritative thought. The young man is very persistent in his own aspirations.