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The Maus (2017)
Year, country:
Yayo Herrero
August Wittgenstein, Alma Terzic, Ella Jazz
1h 30min
A Muslim woman Selma is a Bosnian native who once moved to Germany, where she now lives with a German man with whom she is in close relationship. Once the couple leaves for Bosnia to bring the remains of the family members to the ground. Native people were killed by the Serbs during the armed conflict that erupted in these territories between formerly friendly nations. Travelers go to their destination by car, the road runs through a dense, woodland, looking gloomy and somewhat hostile. Suddenly, the car gets stuck in the middle of the forest on impassability, in a deserted locality, unable to move on any further. The people in the cabin in hostages are in a difficult situation, almost hopeless, how to cope with the emergence without knowing the unexpected problem. Moving on foot through the forest is very dangerous, since anti-personnel mines are deployed everywhere, after the armed clashes between the warring armies. Only a proven, road is safe. Soon the travelers meet two strange men who are too zealous to insist on giving them the opportunity to provide all possible assistance. A similar, excessive persistence alarms Selma and her fellow travelers. It is quite harmless, a noble mission can be hard faced to have consequences for uninvited guests who voluntarily found themselves in places where there still exist certain disagreements among the population and the echoes of the irreconcilable confrontation have not completely ceased. The situation on the territory of the former unified state is very unstable, not promising complete security for visiting foreigners caught in the wilderness.