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Braven (2018)
Year, country:
Lin Oeding
Jason Momoa, Garret Dillahunt, Stephen Lang
1h 34min
Joe Breven once realized that it was necessary to arrange his own life with a family away from crowds of people in order to build their own preferences and views, not taking into account the wishes and prejudices of strangers. No one will unknumbered with unnecessary advice and condemnation in personal relationships. Society did not take on an equal young forester and his relatives, so he went with households distant, wild, unnecessary terrain. Now they live in the area of the US-Canadian border, where there is a severe climate and impenetrable forest arrays. High mountains and thick thickets became a hermit's home, which protects from all sorts of unpleasant circumstances caused by the presence of civilization and its constraints and laws. One day, the calmness and independence of the forest owner are threatened. Watch free movie action, drama Braven 2018 online. Once again, bypassing the forest paths, Breivan unintentionally stumbled upon a gang of drug dealers. Criminals send across the border a deadly, prohibited goods, using obstruction of the area, intending to remain unnoticed and establish a permanent transportation of narcotic substances here. Joe realizes that such a situation can become a threat to the further existence of his family and intends to eliminate an unexpected problem. First, he sets up surveillance for gangsters to find out the true intentions and further plans. Narododilki do not suspect that they invaded the possession of a skilful, brave forester, ready to sacrifice life for the sake of salvation of loved ones and the elimination of dangerous neighborhoods with a criminal in their native forest. He will make incredible wit and ingenuity to eliminate strangers from their territory.