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Forever My Girl (2018)
Year, country:
Bethany Ashton Wolf
Alex Roe, Jessica Rothe, Abby Ryder Fortson
1h 48min
Liam Page is a young, talented and well-known singer in country-style musical compositions. An attractive, popular musician traveled around the cities, performing concerts in crowded halls. Sometimes reporters about him write articles in various, thematic publications. He has long been used to popularity, active, public life, recognition on the streets by accidental passers-by, who are trying to take an autograph in the idol. Decades ago, its existence was completely different. A capable, creative young man only took the first steps towards the future career of a professional country performer, dreaming of fame. He meets a charming girl whom he is in love with and plans for a common future in his dreams. Having built a serious relationship, the lovers intend to marry soon. You can watch movie drama, romance, musical online Forever My Girl (2018) in good quality. The par is accepted to actively prepare for wedding events, looking forward to the fateful event. Before the very beginning of the solemn ceremony, the groom suddenly changes her own decision by refusing to enter into a lawful marriage. He chose music career, leaving his native places in search of fame and magnificent life. For a long ten years, Liam was able to achieve the goals set for youth. The singer does not suspect that he has a native child, whose birth left almost at the altar, Josie did not report. My husband learned the stunning news when he arrived at the funeral of a loved one, where he met with his former love and a little daughter. The whole world turned around in a moment, changing the attitude towards committed actions and decision.