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The Debt Collector (2018)
Year, country:
Jesse V. Johnson
Scott Adkins, Rachel Brann, Danice Cabanela
1h 35min
Frank, a respected master with his own school, engaged in mixed martial arts, begins to experience serious financial difficulties that threaten the ability to close a sports facility. It is necessary to make decisive, effective measures to prevent temporary difficulties, and to repay debentures in a timely manner. To avoid bankruptcy, he decides to earn money on the side, providing sufficient funding for his favorite business. An experienced fighter has to deal with a criminal boss, who, for a good payment, is hired as a collector. However, such a lesson does not fit into his notion of moral principles and values of life, so there is a need to reconsider the existing advantages in order to adapt in a new atmosphere. You can watch online action Debt Collector 2018 in good quality free of charge without registration. In a criminal environment, there are absolutely other merciless and immoral laws. Here the money manages all processes and human destinies without taking compromise suggestions. Cruel sentences are pronounced quickly, unconditionally, without unnecessary considerations and reflections on possible sad consequences. Now, a respected master who perfectly owns martial arts, has to work as a collector of unpaid debts in a company with unscrupulous criminals, taking part in gangster debauchery. At first, an unusual occupation did not cause particular difficulties, except for psychological discomfort, but one day there came great problems that arose as a result of an unpleasant coincidence of circumstances. During the interaction with the next client, the newly arrived collector unexpectedly gets involved in serious troubles.