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Con Man (2018) HD
Con Man (2018)
Year, country:
Bruce Caulk
Armand Assante, Carlos Ayala, Justin Baldoni
1h 40min
The life story of a young, charismatic, enterprising young man is rather unusual and very stormy. A smart, born scammer chose a special way to hold a happy, prosperous and stable future. He steadily paved the way to the top of his professional career, making extensive use of lies and various fraudulent practices. As a result, he achieves the goal and becomes the general director of one of the authoritative, influential firms. Barry Minkov was a very gifted, smart and restless child, who later became a brilliant entrepreneur and at the same time an intelligent swindler, with ease circling around the finger of any opponent planned for the deal. From the earliest years, a brave boy dreamed of achieving fame and great money, providing luxurious existence. You can watch the online movie drama, Con Man (2018) in good quality for free without registration. Barry's first job was cleaning carpets, which had to be settled in order to have at least a small income to meet basic needs. Naturally, such a situation did not fit into the picture of a happy future, painted in the imagination of a dreamy boy, so he was not going to calm down and be content with unpleasant circumstances. Often thinking about effective and rather rapid ways of enriching and advancing to influence society, sophisticated Minkov soon develops his own extraordinary scheme of financial growth, not distinguished by integrity, but brings operational, positive results. At first he manages to become a manager and begin to apply the developed, original secrets of the game in the financial market, allowing to realize their own ambitions.