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Favorites The Rocket (2018)

The Rocket (2018) HD
The Rocket (2018)
Year, country:
Richard Blake
Brady Tutton, Richard Blake, Allison Belmont
1h 29min
In the late nineties on lands belonging to the Midwest, there was a reliable story, directly relating to the biography of a well-known person in a certain sphere. Josh adored football from early childhood, therefore, having grown up, he began to love his favorite sports professionally, achieving great successes, bringing joy and pride in the achievements of a talented offspring to his parents. A promising, purposeful young man managed to reach certain heights in football to reach the world and become a real star, having a lot of devoted fans and a great sporting future. But a serious misfortune forever closed the door to him leading to the continuation of the glorious path of a successful football player. The guy is accidentally injured, having received a concussion, after which he could not recover and said goodbye to the football club. Father was disappointed with the emergent impartial circumstances, not hiding the surging negative emotions, openly showed his own dissatisfaction with the removal of his son from sports activities. Conflict that arose, aggravated the painful experience after losing the opportunity to do what they liked. Support came from an unexpected side from a familiar coach, keen cross country. He offers the lost hope for a happy future to Josh to try his hand at an unconventional sport. The former football player agrees, hoping that the new hobby will distract from sad reflections about the ruined career...
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