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Body of Sin (2018) HD
Body of Sin (2018)
Year, country:
Amariah Olson, Obin Olson
Elisha Kriis, Ellie Patrikios, William Mark McCullough
1h 24min
That beauty can become a kind of weapon with skillful use has been known since time immemorial. Many great women who got into the history books, masterfully used this fact when solving numerous political issues, or, on the contrary, incited whole wars. Two girlfriends decided to use the nature's advantage to achieve certain goals. Once they came up with the great idea to use women's charms for the sake of self-interest, seeking easy enrichment. Charming girls start a fleeting acquaintance with wealthy men, go to their home, promising an unforgettable night, seduce and at the appropriate moment pour a potent soporific into the glass. When the client falls asleep, the thieves quickly search the premises, taking away all valuable things, and disappear without a trace from the scene of the crime. Not every self-respecting male citizen will come to mind after such embarrassment to ask for help from the police, who will certainly make public an unpleasant incident that does not better reflect the reputation of the victim. Enterprising, elusive beauties effectively used the developed tactics to a certain point. However, fate likes to present unforeseen surprises too self-confident in its own impunity to people. After another robbery, it suddenly turns out that diamonds were stored in the mansion of the alleged victim, estimated at about a million dollars. Now the life of charming robbers is under threat, the rates have turned out to be too great this time. Girlfriends find themselves in an unusual situation when they have to flee from their pursuers.
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