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Winchester (2018)
Year, country:
Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig
Helen Mirren, Sarah Snook, Finn Scicluna-O'Prey
1h 39min
Sarah Padi had a difficult fate. When, in 1862, the girl made an offer to William Wirth Winchester, she agreed without much thought. Sarah's relations with the heir to the impressive state were magnificent, they sincerely fell in love with each othe. Marrying the direct descendant and the only son of Oliver Winchester, the inventor of the famous rifle, the bride did not suspect that her marriage would not be so happy, and life would later turn into a mixture of nightmare, mysticism and insanity. It all began long before the marriage of Sarah and William. When Oliver Winchester managed to bring his deadly invention into a combat-ready appearance and start mass production. The vintage was actively used during the fighting. It was she who allowed one of the warring parties to gain an obvious advantage. But not only soldiers used quick-fire weapons. Watch free movie horror, fantasy, biography Winchester 2018 online. Often, it turned out to be robbers, hired assassins, robbers of different stripes. It was at that time that the countdown of the victims of the Winchester rifle began.The unsettled souls of the victims decided to take revenge on the Winchesters family, making Sarah at first a widow at the age of 27, a failed mother, and later forcing her to build a strange house with a variety of labyrinths, secret passages, rooms and corridors. It was in this mysterious mansion full of ghosts, with 10 thousand windows and 2 thousand doors, that Sarah Winchester lived for many years, until her death.Also of all sorts of bandit groups engaged in bloody showdowns. Human victims were counted in thousands, among them many were innocent. Restless souls intend to take revenge on the heirs of the indirect culprit of their untimely death. They began with William, leading him to death when Sarah was twenty-seven years old. Then they began to work on the subconscious of the young widow, forcing her to start building a strange house.