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Shanda’s River (2018) HD
Shanda’s River (2018)
Year, country:
Marco Rosson
Marcella Braga, Claudia Marasca, Toni Pandolfo
1h 30min
In one ancient legend tells of an ancient, terrible zaklyatyy caused evil witch who survived to present times. In fact, once witchcraft can not perish for years, it does not matter for the time. It can exist for centuries, passed on by generations, waiting for a successful moment to show its strength. Sometimes captured ancient curse fall completely random people who do not have any relationship with the events long forgotten past. However, it is precisely they who have to bear responsibility for someone's unpleasant acts committed by someone who has terrible consequences. Unfair massacre of witches, done in ancient times, can result in terrible nightmare for direct descendants of the executioners, once participated in killing suspected of witchcraft. You can watch movie horror, thriller online Shanda’s River (2018) in good quality free of charge without registration. Emma is a young professor of history working as a teacher at college. For research, she goes to a small town, located in the remote, northern territories of the country. Here the woman is going to study in detail the historical information about Shanda Witch's execution. According to legend, killed the unfortunate on the shores of the river, sacrificing that activated the effect of a spell. Has scientific knowledge Emma does not believe in the reality of these stories, preferring any abnormal phenomena explained through science. Soon it will have to make their own mistakes on nonexistent ancient curse, because in reality it will have to make one on my own sad experience. Her life will turn into a recurring nightmare.