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Pass Over (2018) HD
Pass Over (2018)
Year, country:
Spike Lee, Danya Taymor
Jon Michael Hill, Julian Parker, Ryan Hallahan
1h 14min
In the crowded, dangerous and attractive for adventurers of New York there are interesting, extraordinary events that directly affect a few strange citizens. Two African American boys aimlessly spend time, settling down at the intersection. Such a pastime, which consists in the occasional observation of events around processes. Young guys conduct meaningless conversations, stretching endless minutes, trying to at least something to fill them, dreaming of a sudden luck, changes. They cultivate in the soul a weak hope for significant changes that make some novelty in monotonous, monotonous everyday life, filled with idleness and despondency. It is possible that the coming day sad, colorless days, similar, like twins. A white-skinned stranger appears shortly, threatening to ruin certain plans of friends. The emergence of a white man, respectably dressed, has a clear intention to engage in conversation with blacks, brings the desired diversity, the expected long period. A man invites some guys to earn some money. However, the unexpected prospect of slightly improving the disadvantage of escaping from a closed circle of monotony, briefly leaving his unchanging watch at the ill-fated crossroads.