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Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell (2018)
Year, country:
Don Michael Paul
Jamie Kennedy, Tanya van Graan, Jamie-Lee Money
1h 38min
The terrible, unequal confrontation between people and the huge, bloodthirsty monsters living in the earth's bowels lasted for a long time and brought an incredible number of catastrophes and human casualties. However, an irreconcilable war ended with a unequivocal victory of the human race. The clashes with the giant worms-infectious at first began to be rare, and eventually stopped altogether. Now locals who have discovered incredible heroism and perseverance in the battle with underground monster can relax and relax from continuous battles. Terrible battles are left behind, people are gradually accustomed not to be afraid of sudden attacks that threaten the lives of others. Gradually, in the places of past battles established a habitual, calm, peaceful way of life. Exactly unjustified safety survived, jeopardizing its own future. You can watch Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell movie action, horror, sci-fi 2018 in good quality free of charge without registration. As people calmly enjoyed the silence and prosperity, deeply in underground tunnels, giant worms quickly evolved, buying new abilities, adapting to more complex conditions. Soon, they begin to run on Canadian territory, where Bert Grammer is immediately sent to his son Travis to explore an unexpectedly new threat to human existence. Courageous heroes are surrounded by aggressive graboids, which are distinguished by strange behavior. Soon, relatives are beginning to suspect that deadly creatures are trying to use military services to carry out their own operations. Suddenly one of the worms poisons the boy, the situation becomes an unpredictable turn. Now you need to get an antidote urgently by adding dangerous robbery.