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Time Will Tell (2018)
Year, country:
Tonnie Dinjens
Louisa Connolly-Burnham, Miranda Wilson, McKell David
1h 20min
The fate of a young, single girl is in a special way, it constantly persists in failing in any endeavors, so achieving the goals set is always associated with great difficulty and serious problems. In her childhood she had to experience a serious shock, which led to the emergence of psychological nervous tension, from which to get rid of very difficult, even after years. Kim is still pursuing memories of shocking moments that deprive her of psycho-emotional balance. One day, she finds out that, being in a stressful state, begins to detect unusual super powers that allow you to peek into the past. Shortly after completing the sentence imposed by the court, the native father of a young person, who is an incredibly severe and dangerous person, must be released from detention. You can watch online movie Time Will Tell (2018) drama, thriller, sci-fi in good quality free of charge without registration. The girl is extremely afraid of her cruel father and does not want to meet with him, to establish communication and in general, to have something in common. In order to avoid an unwelcome meeting with a criminal who has been released, she tries to evoke manifestations of his supernatural abilities. In order to activate super powers, one must be in a state of great shock, so Kim begins to artificially create dangerous situations that pose a direct threat to her. We will have to make incredible efforts and demonstrate ingenuity in order to drive ourselves into a terrible situation, which liberates unusual abilities that can deprive the approaching gloomy and joyless future. The unfortunate is struggling to get into the past by all means and change some of the moments that liberate her from compulsory encounter with her father.