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Peter Rabbit (2018) HD
Peter Rabbit (2018)
Year, country:
Will Gluck
James Corden, Fayssal Bazzi, Domhnall Gleeson
1h 35min
Rolled like ordinary guys of his age, very interesting, smart and humorous. He often runs away in the woods to reveal something unusual and explore the detail of the discovery. All rooms are furnished with comfortable furniture, which gives a cozy room. Under the tree, even a shop is equipped, in which Mrs. Rabbit sells all sorts of required goods to surrounding animals. The little rabbit, like the usual boys of his age, is very curious, bright and mischievous. Funny rabbit Peter is constantly looking for some adventures on his little tail. Well, he can perfectly harm others. But there is no fear of this pussy - only a thirst for everything new, for entertainment and constantly be in the center of events. Once Peter organized a grand party in the farmer's house of Mr. McGregor, where there were many animals from neighboring territories. The house of a man completely plunged into chaos, it is difficult even to find a place where something remained intact. The farmer is not at all happy that his harvest is collected by some rabbits and just dreams of a rabbit pie. Watch free movie comedy, adventure, animation Peter Rabbit (2018)online. The war will be brutal.He often runs away into the woods to find something unusual and to thoroughly study the find. And necessarily gets into some troubles and interesting adventures. In his incident, all his sisters and cousin Benjamin are directly involved. Not happier are incidents without active complicity of close friends, acquaintances and all kinds of other forest dwellers. Peter arranges a riot and decides to arrange an attack on the city of a heartless farmer.