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Nostalgia (2018)
Year, country:
Mark Pellington
Hugo Armstrong, Shinelle Azoroh, Annalise Basso
1h 54min
The lives of some people are connected in an unusual way after the experience of large, irreparable losses. Experiencing serious, negative emotions, a person sometimes finds solace in pleasant memories and associated certain subjects or places, capable of briefly returning the former, long forgotten times. Once in the fate of an elderly woman who lived a busy life, a sad event occurs, connected with a devastating fire that has arisen in her home. The transferred stress from the loss heart, where the best years passed, there were many significant events, leading to an involuntary need to rethink the past years, to reconsider existing priorities. It comes to unexpected conclusions that ordinary, familiar things can have an unforeseeable influence on the course of everyday life. Pogorelitsa in meditations wanders through the ashes, trying to find the surviving items, which can still be used in everyday life. Sometimes she discovers very old things, the existence of which has long been forgotten, considering them lost. Each find has a direct connection with some life event, which in minute detail begins to emerge in memory, reproducing vivid, distinct pictures from the past. Suddenly she finds a baseball that has escaped the fire, of great value, as signed by Ted Wilms. An elderly lady goes to Las Vegas in search of a collector who is interested in such acquisitions in order to get a considerable amount from the sale of a memorandum that allows partially solving the financial problems that have arisen after the fire that destroyed the house.