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Hens Night (2018) HD
Hens Night (2018)
Year, country:
Kristian Lariviere
Jennifer Allanson, Edith Landreville, Candice Lidstone
1h 28min
Jess is in a state of joyful expectation of a planned, responsible, vital event. She soon plans to marry, so on the eve of wedding celebrations traditionally arranges an entertainment event for her friends. The planned evening-evening promises to be incredibly fun and wildly embarrassing that the last night of unmarried existence of the future bride forever remained in the memory of all those present at this fun. The guilty pleasure, together with her close friends, thinks carefully about the entertaining program of the scheduled, wild evening, which involves alcohol drinks and sex dances. Girls anticipate a carefree pastime in a friendly company, not particularly thinking about the effects of some spontaneous, frivolous acts. You can watch the online Girl-Evening Movie 2018 in good quality for free without registration. Began a wonderful party soon takes an unpredictable turn, when a friendly company falls into the house to the cousin of the potential bride. Laura has long been an unstable psyche known and inadequate behavior. It turned out that a strange relative is also busy preparing for the wedding, so I wanted to hold a noisy maiden-party on the eve of the night, but all the guests were foreseeable to go to Jess, so the event broke down, bringing a huge frustration to the frustrated girl. Upon learning of this circumstance, the attentive sister decided to bring everyone in the unfortunate Laura's house to continue the joint celebration and to deface the inconvenient situation a bit. However, the embittered mistress instilled the sleeping people present, in order to arrange a terrible night of torture with the fiancé-maniac, and torture innocent victims, in a mortal trap.