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Favorites Avengers Grimm: Time Wars (2018)

Avengers Grimm: Time Wars (2018) HD
Avengers Grimm: Time Wars (2018)
Year, country:
Maximilian Elfeldt
Marah Fairclough, Eric Feltes, Christina Licciardi
1h 28min
All the lovely fairy-tale heroines who live in magical places created by the unbridled fantasy of the well-known Grimm brothers have long grown up and have become responsible and serious ladies. Poor Baby Baby Cinderella, groomed and obedient Red Riding Hood, fair princess Rapunzel and humble. Sleeping beauty is experiencing difficult times. The insidious and insidious villain-wizard, Rumelshilsterschin, plans bad, he intends to commit an evil act that jeopardizes the safety of the fairy-tale kingdom. Wicked sorcerer was able to get a magic mirror, which is a skillful treatment of a kind of portal in a variety of parallel worlds. Now a powerful hacker has access to virtually limitless capabilities. You can watch online Avengers Grimm: Time Wars (2018) in good quality free of charge without registration.
Rumplenshtyltshen breaks the magic object, opens the way to the human world and immediately goes to places inhabited by mere mortals, do not have an idea of the existence of magic. The villain is going to seize power on the planet, turning people into helpless performers of their own free will. About the terrible plans of the magician becomes known to four girlfriends-beauties. Arriving in place, the girls are horrified to find that the invader managed to create an army that was carefully armed and prepared for future victorious battles from earthly peoples. Courageous friends are about to resist a brutal opponent, protecting the earthly inhabitants from inevitable death and life's slavery.