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Landline (2017) HD
Landline (2017)
Year, country:
Gillian Robespierre
Jenny Slate, Jay Duplass, Abby Quinn
1h 37min
Spouses Alan and Pat live in New York, raise two daughters and form a normal, average family. Alan holds the position of an advertising agent in a popular agency. His wife with authoritarian habits has a small own business and is completely immersed in the work. Everyone lives his own separate life. Dana's eldest daughter is enthusiastic and the youngest, who recently graduated from school, is looking for a suitable educational institution to send documents for admission. Plans of the households crumble in an instant. By chance, having decided to work on a computer owned by his father, Ali discovers the romantic correspondence of the parent with a stranger. Sent files contain poems, and the addressee is indicated by one letter. The girl, she decides that his father has a secret mistress. This explains his departure from home, frequent trips and detached view while communicating with loved ones. To blame the father for treason, you need serious evidence. Sisters are taken for their own investigation, which leads to curious situations. Priorities change completely. Dana does not want to go under the crown. Ali was completely taken aback by her desires. They brought their own mother to utter exhaustion. Watch free movie comedy, drama Landline (2017) online in FreeMovies4k.org.