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Overexposed (2018)
Year, country:
Conor Allyn
Mary Katherine Duhon, Marguerite Moreau, David Maldonado
1h 24min
In today's world, people have stopped communicating normally. In the past, life was interesting and full. In the new technological era, humanity has other values and priorities. Love was not born on romantic dates in parks and squares, but with a gadget in their hands. Young people are so used to communicating through special devices that they can not imagine another situation. For many kilometers from partners, you do not have to blush and play silently. Achieving significant results or moving up the career ladder in a small provincial town is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to say. The most convenient and lucrative places are given to relatives of influential people, while the more intelligent, talented and gifted young people have to settle for what remains, barely making ends meet. Realizing that it is tiresome to leave her native city, a young girl decides to earn a living by sexting as soon as possible, after which she could move to a metropolis, look for work and try to build a life in a city where everyone gets a chance to realize. The girl sells photos on the Internet with her naked body and short videos and quickly finds her audience of men ready to pay any money for new photos and videos of her body. At some point, she begins to realize that it's time to end all this, but suddenly it becomes known that men who demanded the continuation of her such activities began to commit suicide, and many residents of a small city are simply in a panic from the fact that a girl can stop going online. In this situation, one high school student turned out to be. The girl became interested in sexting. An unusual phenomenon did not give the heroine peace. This is a great opportunity to be liberated, to feel sexual freedom. Insensibly for herself, she was dragged into terrible events. In one American town, madness began, which was characterized by massacres, repressions, panic, and hatred. How do people get out of a nightmarish situation?...
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