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10x10 (2018)
Year, country:
Suzi Ewing
Luke Evans, Kelly Reilly, Noel Clarke
1h 28min
The insidious attacker manages to realize the first stage of his own, monstrous design. A tense atmosphere, accompanied by an irreconcilable confrontation. Caught in the clever network of the villain girl in the absolute is isolated. She improbably makes efforts to visible to remain calm, exclusively composure can allow to get out an opportunity on freedom. Lewis was an ordinary guy who did not differ in extraordinary thinking or in the behavior of oddities, to suspect him of allowing in the planning of malicious intent. However, he very professionally committed the abduction of Cathy in front of almost everyone and managed to put the captive in a soundproof room. Such an act clearly indicates a manic inclination. The loving guy pursues goals somewhat differently. In fact, Cathy is not at all an innocent, unjustly hurt person. In the past, an unpleasant incident occurred, linking her with Lewis. The unpleasant consequences of the previous offenses pushed the young man to illegal act. Unconventional, he is going to get a carefully hidden information revealing an old secret. He could not think of anything more effective, having decided on a crime. He is going to keep the hostage. The girl understands that the thief is not going to indulge and make a compromise...
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