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Favorites Maya the Bee: The Honey Games (2018)

Maya the Bee: The Honey Games (2018) HD
Maya the Bee: The Honey Games (2018)
Year, country:
Noel Cleary, Sergio Delfino
Coco Jack Gillies, Benson Jack Anthony, Richard Roxburgh
1h 25min
A small, irrepressible bee is once again in the center of an exciting, exciting adventure. An inconspicuous seeker of adventure has long been famous for its tricks among locals. Carrying out a variety of hapless deeds, she never thought about the possible, the unpleasant consequences of their frivolous actions, and therefore delivers a lot of unwanted troubles to his fellow tribesmen. Recently, Maya passed all the limits allowed, angry with the improper behavior of the Empress's bee, being in an inevitable disgrace. Now, even a close friend of Willie is a bit cautious and distrustful of the tricks of an overly restless girlfriend, exposing the unthinkable antics to the dangers of others. The kid is afraid that such friendship can complicate relations with relatives. You can watch online comedy, adventure, animation Maya the Bee: The Honey Games (2018) in good quality for free without registration. A friend is trying to restrict communication with a disgraced friend so as not to spoil the wizard, among whom it is unreliable that there are no residents deprived of general trust. Maya understands that she was in a difficult situation, requires an immediate solution. We must find ways to achieve forgiveness of the angry Empress and return the trust of relatives. The traditional competition is approaching, where there is a good chance of winning a victory and in the eyes of a bee rehabilitated by the public. A purposeful bee is taken actively to prepare for a possible event in which its long-standing rival will take part. This fact adds decisiveness and perseverance in preparation, gives an excellent mood for victory. Now it remains to demonstrate the talent available to all the inhabitants.