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Menorca (2016)
Year, country:
John Barnard
Tammy Gillis, Sheila Campbell, Dorothy Carroll
1h 21min
The shy guardian of the home is experiencing a stage of total frustration at the institution of marriage. Once a blossoming person is now dying among the mountains of pots, the whims of a little son and the eternal displeasure of his wife. Promised clouds of happiness dissolve in daily routine, and the environment persistently refuses to notice the abomination of the current situation. Clearly realizing that he will soon fall and worm to the moon, the upset mother and wife looks through the advertising brochures. The promising comfort of the resort "Menorca" attracts a homebody, burdened by the burden of domestic cares. The turn of the desperate rebellion has come, since the household prefer to ignore its interests. Collected in a hurry, suitcases become an omen of a chic vacation. Needing a reset of feelings and emotions, a stranger dreams of a quiet rest. The girlfriend, found in the quiet of the island, chuckles at the modest wishes of the tourist. Why confine yourself to turning over the books with a predictable finale, if you can personally arrange an adventure worthy of the culmination of ladies' novels? A modest woman observes the unbridled behavior of a new acquaintance with fascination. Connections without obligations, the rampage of erotic euphoria is seduced by a sleek housewife. Will carnal passions be able to muffle women's homesickness?
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