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Favorites The Redeeming (2018)

The Redeeming (2018)
Year, country:
Brian Barnes
Robert Blackwood, Robert Coren, Ryan Wichert
1h 25min
Members of a somewhat unusual family are at the center of incredible, frightening events. They live in a mansion in which strange, inexplicable phenomena occur regularly. Mother from a certain time began to dream literally every night, repeating exactly the nightmare, the main character in which becomes the head of the family, attacking his own son, intending to severely deal with him. Waking up in horror at critical moments, a frightened woman comes into the bedroom to the child and falls asleep beside her, unable to resist the fear of what she saw, a very realistic picture. Parents experience great anxiety, which naturally affects the children. Close relationship between the spouses, which becomes obvious to all present. Sam understands that parental love disappears forever of the marriage of many years. His fears are really justified, the parents are going to get divorced. Girl appears in her son's room, screaming aloud with horror, and a young beauty appears, who takes a shower. Only the mistress of the house was ignored for some reason by uninvited, ghost guests. However, she soon sees in the matrimonial bed a comfortably located charming stranger. Such a meeting with an evil spirit is the beginning of a series of strange incidents that do not have logical explanations. Unusual phenomena affect the mental state of women and have unforeseen, sad consequences for the household.