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Cover Versions (2018) HD
Cover Versions (2018)
Year, country:
Todd Berger
Katie Cassidy, Drake Bell, Jerry Trainor
1h 27min
Any rock festival is a bright event not only for its immediate participants, but in general - it never goes unnoticed. Anyone who expects an influx of adrenaline associated with such events disappointed. It happened with the members of a young rock band. After a night of violent trip one of the team's fans was found dead. The musicians were in the spotlight. He successfully connects the genre of a youth musical film and a detective. There is an obvious reference to the truth, accompanying show business for decades. Berger is an artist who does not run after big budgets, actors who are quite well known in films and TV series agreed to participate in his film: Jerry Traynor, Cathy Cassidy, Drake Bell and others. Soundtrack consisting of twenty-five characteristic compositions. On the eve of a grandiose  powerful start for the Starfoxy band, four of its members hold a noisy party. To everyone's surprise. Musicians gets under suspicion, and during the interrogation it turns out that their stories about the night's fun differ substantially. This behavior leads policemen to the idea that what happened is not at all an absurd accident...