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The Con Is On (2018) HD
The Con Is On (2018)
Year, country:
James Oakley (as James Haslam)
Parker Posey, Alice Eve, Maggie Q
1h 30min
Harrietta and Peter Fox, a married couple from Britain, in an instant turned out to be in a catastrophically difficult position "thanks to" a major loss in the card game. Having decided to improve their financial situation in this "original" way, husband and wife had high hopes for this game, but having failed, immediately realized that, in fact, they signed a death sentence. For a long time in the world of games and entertainment card debt is a matter of honor, but Fox could not give such a sum, and not because they did not want to part with money, but because they never saw such a sum. If they themselves had such savings, they would never have crossed the threshold of an institution that divided their lives into "before" and "after". The only escape from the revenge of the gangster, well known for his deeds throughout England, will be the disappearance of all friends and enemies from sight. After much debate and debate, a frightened couple decides to flee from the country as soon as possible. Carefully disguised, Peter and Harrietta flee to America, where they hope to hide from paying a card debt. The long way to America and all the problems connected with the implementation of their plan brought them to Los Angeles, a city that was always famous for its abundance of casinos and other entertainment and entertainment facilities. Ironically, the couple again plunged into the world, from which they fled without looking back. Soon the city of temptations "threw" them an unpleasant surprise: creditors learned about their whereabouts, and the threat again hung over the fugitives. Realizing that hiding from the pursuers is unlikely to succeed, and the couple decides to go all-in and commit theft from the jewelry store, which is everywhere. Such a robbery, if it succeeds, will bring them not only the money with which they, at last, pay off their card debt, but also the long-awaited freedom and peace that they so lack. Starting to develop a plan for robbery, Peter begins to understand that they can not cope with the two, and will have to attract at least two more people to this, but who can be trusted so as not to "burn out". Having analyzed all his acquaintances in his mind, Peter consulted his wife, and she agreed that the best candidates for the role of companions could be his ex-wife and her new husband. One pair of companions is good, but two pairs of people, capable of either tracing a finger around, can turn everything so that no one will ever guess who stole jewelry. The only thing that embarrassed the Foxes was the strained relations between the former spouses, which "can not be bypassed": no common cause, even such a profitable one, is able to reconcile divorced people, and mutual dislike at any time can spoil the whole thing. Will the four newly-made scammers do what the experienced fraudsters do not always have the strength to do?