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Darc (2018)
Year, country:
Julius R. Nasso
Tony Schiena, Armand Assante, Kippei Shîna
1h 37min
In a small city before the calm suddenly there was an unpleasant, sad event, puzzled by all the townspeople. A few days ago the juvenile boy disappeared without a trace. The local police are pursuing continuous searches, hoping to get on the track of unknown hijackers. Activists-volunteers came to the aid to law-enforcement agencies, carefully dressing the city's outskirts. However, the efforts of the public and state bodies did not lead to positive results, no real evidence of the location of the missing child was found. It seems to have dissolved, disappearing without a trace. Such circumstances contribute to the creation of rumors about the existence of a supernatural, bloodthirsty creature living in the nearby forests, stealing an innocent baby. You can watch Darkov Movie 2018 online in good quality for free without registration. Courageous volunteer rescuers are strongly sent to a gloomy, terrible forest, intending to bring the unfortunate child to grief-stricken parents, and to understand the true causes of the incident. Visiting the thicket with enterprising courage ends in failure. The uninvited guests will attack an unknown, malicious force, in some way turn off all the devices, destructive equipment, similarly to foreigners from their expelled territory. Guys in support of the police are turning in because they can not cope with their own efforts with an unknown phenomenon. Law enforcers do not believe in the tales of young people, losing sight of invasive activists who tell strange fables. It is necessary for friends to go back to searches, counting only on their wit and ingenuity.