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Samson (2018)
Year, country:
Bruce Macdonald, Gabriel Sabloff (co-director)
Jackson Rathbone, Billy Zane, Taylor James
1h 50min
Action-Drama. At all times, female insidiousness surpassed any expectations and assumptions. Boy from Philistines, who has been undivided for forty years by the state, suffers constant, humiliating insults and humiliation of dignity. Samson was significantly distinguished among peers with athletic, outstanding physical data, surpassing many in strength. Once upon a young man attacked an angry lion, whom he literally tore apart. When ill-wishers grumbled at the planned wedding of a young warrior, he got up on the path of revenge, intending to punish the brutal rulers for the inconveniences of his people. Having united the like-minded in an invincible army, he carried death to a vicious enemy, destroying their settlements, mercilessly destroying all. Watch free movie Samson 2018 online. Only mentioning the name of a menacing warrior caused horror on the frightened Philistines and drove them into a rapid escape. Realizing that fighting with the power of an invincible rival is useless, the invaders decided to use the trick by sending the beauty mate. Samson got acquainted with the charming Dalili in Gaza, where he spent several nights with a bribe harlot, giving himself up for love. The insidious woman managed to find out the secret of the unsurpassed strength of the brave warrior. He support, never cut the hair, as did a heartless person, cutting off long braids, an invisible link with the omnipotent patrons. The afflicted Philistines immediately imprisoned the prisoner in the chain and lost their sight. They subjected him to brutal bullying. When the hair is again in the industry, the time has come for a brutal retribution.