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Anon (2018)
Year, country:
Andrew Niccol
Clive Owen, Afiya Bennett, Morgan Allen
1h 40min
There is a future and still fantastic ideas are embodied in reality. In the new state building adopted totalitarian methods of government, so ordinary people are completely deprived of the right to personal secrets. Any confidential information is available to state, specialist authorities. The private existence of each individual is enclosed in a confined space, practically among the four walls, where devices are installed everywhere, fixing what takes place inside a small room around the clock. Literally every word is written and becomes the property of the employees of the special services. The government considers such a society to be perfect, where it is impossible to make impunity even the smallest offense or minor misconduct. Video surveillance cameras are everywhere, it is impossible to avoid total control. You can watch online Anon thriller Movie 2018 in good quality free of charge without registration. All financial calculations are carried out with the help of plastic cards; cash has long been excluded from the use. Wages and various benefits are paid on electronic media, from which taxes are automatically deducted. Legitimate inhabitants of the ideal world have long become accustomed to the established order and lead a calm, measured existence, where any problems for them are solved by state departments. However, Sol Fryland, an experienced FBI agent, once gets acquainted with an attractive woman who, as it turned out, has no personal identifiers at all. In the existing nationwide database of a strange girl there is no information. In the digital world of a new era, it just does not exist. So, quite by accident, the special agent becomes aware of the existence of a group of conspirators who seek to destroy the current power.