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Favorites County Line (2017)

County Line (2017) HD
County Line (2017)
Year, country:
Shea Sizemore
Tom Wopat, Jeff Fahey, Patricia Richardson
1h 28min
Alden Rockwell spent many years in the police department, giving his favorite business all his strength and free time. He responsibly approached the performance of professional duties, transferring to the hands of justice a large number of malicious violators of law and order. Not one criminal, caught in the field of vision of an experienced officer, could not escape handcuffs. Successful activities contributed to a deliberate promotion of the career ladder, achieving fairly quickly set goals. However, a younger opponent pretends to be the sheriff, so the middle-aged employee is forced to leave the workplace, recommending to resign, giving way to a younger and more energetic colleague. Now he is forced to obey the new boss, who becomes an ambitious, enterprising and agile former ward. Such changes do not at all satisfy the self-confident Rockwell, who gave most of his life to the work of a policeman. He has to return to the life of a simple man in the street, where there are no dangers and chasing the offenders. However, the elderly man does not let go of a premonition that soon he will have to use his professional skills for his intended purpose. Soon he will have to make sure the rightness of the inner voice. He learns about the death of a faithful friend, occurred in strange, unexplained circumstances. The police do not make great efforts to find out the details of the mysterious case, for which the independent Alden, who is officially retired, decides to take his own hands. He will have to do a lot of effort, show incredible ingenuity, to find answers to the numerous questions that arise about the murder of a friend.