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Favorites Duck Butter (2018)

Duck Butter (2018)
Year, country:
Miguel Arteta
Alia Shawkat, Laia Costa, Mae Whitman
1h 33min
It is always easier to assess the situation and to criticize the outside, but as in the movie "Duck Butter" try on the criticized role, a lot of things are changing. So two girls who think guys are not ideal people who do not know the rules of the first date, a romantic evening and generally behavior with a girl, decide on an experiment. Two women, unhappy with injustice in dating and romance, conclude an agreement that they will spend the next 24 hours together to solve these problems. Sonya and Vika feel that they are gurus in the relationship of a man and a woman, that the girls can realize the dream, create the image of a real man. Being a modern woman is complicated, she has to combine difficult working days. Fair sex are trying to do everything possible to climb the career ladder, and find their own family happiness. However, not everything is going well. Each time, going on a date, they suggest a full marathon, that is, they dress beautifully and are painted. But time after time their efforts do not bring results, but all because men in recent years have crumbled, that is, ceased to be brutal and responsible. They shift their duties to ladies and wait for them to be extolled and adored because they lie on the couch not wanting to be proactive. They are tired of this unpleasant and stupid reality, in which they are ordinary losers, pretending to be an unconventional couple in love. Yes it's strange, the only chance to be in a relationship. Changing roles, where each in turn tries to reproduce in their opinion the ideal partner, what will come of it we learn by starting watching the movie "Duck Butter" (2018) online. As it turned out, this is not very easy when the girls suddenly have feelings of attraction, very similar to love.