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Black Cop (2017)
Year, country:
Cory Bowles
Ronnie Rowe, Sophia Walker, Sebastien Labelle
1h 31min
A black man has linked his professional career with a police service, where he works for quite some time. An African American has to face the manifestation of racist sentiment in society in various ways. He clearly feels from his colleagues the attitude towards himself as a man of lower grade, not worthy to exist on an equal footing and work with white-fellow comrades. Similar sentiments are clearly observed among the urban population. Once, the last drop overflows with the patience of a restrained professional, he decides to pay the people around with the same coin, realizing the supremacy of the society that is associated with the difference in the color of the skin. He becomes a completely different person, turning into a stereotype created by a cruel, unjust public. The black policeman becomes angry and heartless, intending to take brutal revenge on all offenders, abusing openly an official position, gives him a lot of privileges. He intends, without restraint, to use force and available professional skills at any convenient occasion without thinking about the consequences without thinking about humanity and humanity, since no one has shown these qualities in his side, forgetting honesty and justice. A few years ago, entering into service, a young African American vowed to protect his fellow citizens from danger, but the events taking place on the streets of the city gave birth to uncontrollable anger in his mind, which turned into aggression, forcing them to violate the laws that he was obliged to defend. He stands to defend his own interests and beliefs.