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Waru (2017) HD
Waru (2017)
Year, country:
Chelsea Cohen, Ainsley Gardiner
Awahina Rose Ashby, Jonny Brugh, Amber Cureen
1h 28min
A Maoist boy by the coincidence of certain dies circumstances at the hands of his own, biological parents. His funeral is accompanied by a large number of diverse, interrelated events. This profound, incredible story receives a huge response from the public. However, in reality much sadder and more terrible. Soon, in an outwardly normal cell of society, a horrifying incident occurs. Parents ruthlessly crack down on their own child, shocking the perfect atrocity of their fellow citizens. A horrifying crime instantly spread information throughout the country, people were actively discussing the terrible incident that caused a sharp protest among the indignant compatriots. At the funeral of the unfortunate boy came an incredible number of sympathetic citizens. Then no one imagined that the sad incident would stir up and forever change the current course of customary life throughout the country. After dramatic events, cardinal changes will take place. It becomes clear that our being is imperfect, and the modern construction of society has many shortcomings that require correction.