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The Badge (2002) HD
The Badge (2002)
Year, country:
Robby Henson
Billy Bob Thornton, Patricia Arquette, William Devane
1h 43min
One of the first works over which Robbie Henson (Pharaoh's Army, Three Keys) has worked not only as a director, but also as a script writer, was the picture he created in 2002. Detective thriller with elements of crime and drama tells an intriguing story of the investigation of the murder that occurred in the province. The film under the slogan "Do you still want to know the truth?" Did not go to the rental, watch the film. The label could only be on TV or DVD. The images of the central characters were embodied by popular American actors: Billy Bob Thornton (Judge, Armageddon) and Patricia Arquette (True Love, Ed Wood). In addition, the thriller starred Sela Ward (The Fugitive, Vanished), Julie Hagerty (The Mad Scene, The Story of Us), Marcus Lyle Brown (Premonition, Big Debaters), William Dewane (Family Conspiracy, Marathonne). Having started marking online as a quality, we get to know Darl Hardwick, a middle-aged man who holds the position of sheriff. Hardwicke is serving in a small provincial town, and therefore his work is not replete with particularly interesting or mysterious cases. Basically, he has to deal with local hooligans, in the role of which are adolescents. In the village everyone knows each other, so life here is quiet and calm. However, everything changes when the police find the corpse of a transsexual. The case causes the increased curiosity of all citizens, since there is no doubt that this is a premeditated murder.
But if you look online mark, it becomes clear that soon the investigation comes to a standstill, because the guards have no order, no evidence, or suspects. Police officers are forced to close the case. However, Sheriff Hardwicke does not intend to surrender at all. He begins his own investigation, using the only clue available to him - a mysterious sign on the victim's body. Darlu manages to figure out its meaning, but the closer the protagonist approaches the disclosure of the crime, the clearer he understands - in the process of achieving the goal, he can part with not only his job, but also his life ... Watch free movie drama,crime, mystery, 2002 The Badge (2002) online in FreeMovies4k.org.